Emmerich  After a break he was back in action last weekend at the Carlton Performance Horse Championships with wins in both Elementary test and the Championship. Our thanks to Hamag for sponsoring the class  





Photo Berni Saunders Cyberhorse

DWTS 2011 is very much on the radar with Nawarrah Park Pop Rock starting back after a short break at the EV & DJEP the end of January, he showed his quality with a 7 and a 7.7 in the 4yr individual test for 2 wins.  Mystique scored a 6.79 for her second qualifier in the 6yr old. We would also like to thank the DJEP committee for rescheduling the classes due to the extreme heat.  We know from a fact that this is a huge task which was very well handled by Chris Sievers and Committee.  Thanks again.

Isle of  Mystique scored a 6.79 for her second qualifier in the 6yr old and showed her class with a novice placing at CPH Championships.  She is a very exciting mare.



Pop Rock




Boneo Park will host Hayley Beresford 6, 7 ,8 and 9th March, I am heading down with a very talented mare for 3 days and I cant wait.  I am sure those who missed her last time wont be doing that again.


The lovely Nawarrah Park Pele has found a new home after a short stay.  He has really left a positive impression on us and we wish all concerned the best of luck.



Carlton Performance Horse Championships at WPNEC was a great competition as you can see above, AHAA at Tatura will be the next outing followed by the AWEC Championships at AWEC, leadiong us into DWTS and the Australian YR Championships at WPNEC in April.  If you want to catch any of the horses at competitons contact us for the details of their times.
Back to Belgium at the end of April, cant wait to see everyone again and to get on some of the babies that would have grown a bit since last time.  I will be heading home in time for the 2011 Ambassador Training Weekend and the first competition back will be our own 2 Day Tatura Classic.