Dressage is what consumes the barn and our focus at the moment is almost completely on the competition team.  Much planning goes into each horse's competition and clinic schedule to ensure their scores  will qualify them for State and National Championship starts as required.  We compete throughout Victoria, NSW and Queensland at State and National Levels. 

            photo Bernie Saunders Cyberhorse



Arcanell Isle has started PSG, owned by David Quick this fellow was part of the EV Hamag Young Rider Quadrille at Equitana Melbourne 2010, he will consolidate at PSG for the next few months.





The stunner of the team is the David Quick bred Isle of Mystique, owned in NSW this 6yr mare has had a remarkable start to the year with over 70% at her first 2 Novice  starts and a YH 6yr Qualifier this beautiful mare is aimed at DJWTS , owners Garry and Julie Edmonds are going to have a great amount of fun with her. 


photo Bernie Saunders Cyberhorse   


Rimini Park Emmerich  has been the Elementary star of the barn.  With excellent results in Victorian we took him to Nationals for a placing and 8th overall, he was also the Victorian Team Member for Elementary,  "Ricky" is on loan to us  from his Devenish owner Dugald Bruce's Hillbreeze Stud.

Ever since Lyngara Geminisa introduced us to Andalusians we have tried to have one in the stable, at the moment that spot belongs to the Partbred Andaluka Alboroza.   Competing Preliminary at her first competition she placed with over 65% and she will continue to improve and impress for her owner Jess Mace.

                                        Lyngara Geminisa

Pony Dressage is something we have supported for some time and we have been very lucky to form an association with Tamlyn Farm Performance Ponies,  Andrea Taylor has imported 3 outstanding fillies with the FS Dont Worry daughter Rosewater Driving Miss Daisy heading the list.  Andrea and Ben share the rides on the Welsh gelding Nawarrah Park Pop Rock and they have great success in the 4yr YH Classes with qualifiers every time they have gone out,  'Rock" is aimed at DJWTS.

MC Jamaica after winning National YR Titles last year and winning at Elementary was spelled and is back in work now, he should have a Medium start when Ben gets back from Belgium.

   We currently have Isle of Eden here for sale, please see more details on the sale page.